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Comic's Book Club

Aug 31, 2018

Rebecca sits down with fellow comic Dave Sirus to discuss the one of the best works of political satire you've never heard of; "Why Not Me?" by Al Franken. The book, written in the 90's, is somehow less absurd that our current political climate. That's our punishment for...

Aug 24, 2018


For the fourth episode Rebecca sits down with NY Observer columnist (and former figure skater) Jasmine Lobe to discuss a classic yet almost forgotten novel about university life, Stoner by John Williams. The New Yorker calls it, "The Greatest American Novel you've never heard of. Rebecca thought it was just...

Aug 17, 2018

Rebecca and comedian Ray Gootz discuss Stephen King's Carrie and get sidetracked about school shooters.






Aug 15, 2018

Rebecca Rush and TedX speaker William Beteet discuss relationships, enlightenment, and why it's more satisfying to play to play than to play to win, after reading the book Finite and Infinite Games by James Carse. Also, his ex is finite.


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