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Comic's Book Club

Jan 25, 2019

Rebecca and comedian Lynn Maleh discuss the gorgeous book of short stories Reasons to Live by Amy Hempel. They talk earthquakes, how much we can give of ourselves,  going as far as the heart can go, having dead comics on the pod and also Jane Austen, and use Rebecca's pendulum to great success.




Jan 19, 2019

This episode covers the fascinating true crime story about the Golden State Killer, I'll Be Gone In The Dark by Michelle McNamara. The book was completed post-humously, and it is through Michelle's dedication to catching the killer and her ideas of how to do so that they finally did - last spring. Andrew Manning (AKA...

Jan 11, 2019

Rebecca sits down with her favorite comic on earth, Eddie Pepitone, to discuss The Tropic of Cancer. Rebecca gets very excited and talks fast. They cover the struggle to be an artist, transcending the shit, corporate America, making fun of people before you know they're dead, alcoholism, postmates, Paris, waiting tables...

Jan 4, 2019



Last summer, when Rebecca was on her way to Bali, she met a woman in a grocery store who had an addiction memoir about to be released. That memoir was My Fair Junkie, and it's one of the most raw, real, disturbing, hilarious, and well-written book that exists on the subject....