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Comic's Book Club

Mar 31, 2020

Author and comedian Sara Benincasa comes on via Skype to discuss her first book, Agorafabulous: Dispatches From My Bedroom. Only you can tell your stories, recovery, foster cats, when writing makes you feel the entire range of emotions, long-form storytelling, torture and torment equating holiness, wanting to be a...

Mar 24, 2020

Comedian Kelsey Lane comes on to talk about I'm Dying Up Here: Heartbreak and High Times in Stand-up by William Knoedelseder. Also, the business of comedy in LA past and current, opening for bands, camaraderie in comedy, stand-up comedy's golden era, the transition from being on stage to being alone,...

Mar 17, 2020

Comedian Austin Train comes on to discuss Philip K. Dick's novel Valis. Sometimes the most appropriate response to reality is to go insane, having more empathy towards others than yourself, transcending for a moment then getting thrown back into human drama, masochism as a way to take control of your suffering.


Mar 10, 2020

Comedian Tess Barker comes on to discuss Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishigiro. We use memory to construct our identitites. We replay our past so much it becomes our future. Blind allegiance to your lot in life. It's harder to watch someone else suffer than suffer yourself. Sex is a survival mechanism. Having a...