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Comic's Book Club

Jun 25, 2020

Fellow Connecticutian Laura Manasewich joins Rebecca to discuss Retta's debut memoir, So Close To Being The Shit Y'all Don't Even Know. Wanting to be good at Twitter, talking yourself out of trying, Yale's Science of Wellbeing course, your life isn't over if you stop being in entertainment, not giving a shit in a...

Jun 18, 2020

Mike Drucker, head writer for Full Frontal W/ Samantha Bee, joins Rebecca to discuss the first pop culture phenomenon, Young Werther, a romantic tragedy written in 18th century Europe. Killing yourself because of romance being seen as very romantic, being a huge try hard, trying to "act deep" your way into a...

Jun 11, 2020

Rebecca's favorite author Laurie Notaro comes on to discuss her final book, a historical novel about female aviatrixes who were much better at flying than Amelia Earhardt. Also tips for writing humor essays, publishing is brutal, and musings on what social change will be sparked by COVID.

*Episode recorded in mid-May*