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Comic's Book Club

Sep 17, 2020

Comedian Christine Meehan-Burg joins Rebecca & new cohost Molly Sanchez to discuss Delia Owen's Where the Crawdads Sing, a coming of age novel wrapped in a murder mystery, set in the 1950's south. We love the marsh, explorations of loneliness, but are tired of seeing stories in which women discover themselves through...

Aug 31, 2020

Join Rebecca and author Amy Spalding as they discuss Amy's most recent novel, We Used To Be Friends. The evolution of YA literature. Covering the new experiences and big feelings of adolescence and the pressure that puts on storytelling. There are no sad songs or support for best friend breakups. Stories w/ two POV's....

Aug 12, 2020

The delightful Tod Goldberg talks about his first of a series of gangster novels, Gangsterland, where our protagonist Sal Cupertino, a mafia hit man in Chicago, is forced to move to Vegas and become a mafia rabbi. Also, working for the mob as a teen at the pool at a Palm Springs resort. If you had to kill a guy, taking...

Jul 23, 2020

Comedian Mo Vida comes on to discuss Ali Wong's memoir in letters, Dear Girls. Doing stand up as a daughter of immigrant parents, show outfits,the beauty of stand up is that there's always work to do, bringing weird food to school.



Jul 16, 2020

A Jewish woman, a Black woman, a Vietnamese woman and a Mexican woman walk onto a podcast, to talk about Robin DiAngelo's book White Fragility on why white people have such a hard time talking about race ESPECIALLY when it comes to receiving feedback when they say or do something racially insensitive or hurtful. The...