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Comic's Book Club

Aug 31, 2020

Join Rebecca and author Amy Spalding as they discuss Amy's most recent novel, We Used To Be Friends. The evolution of YA literature. Covering the new experiences and big feelings of adolescence and the pressure that puts on storytelling. There are no sad songs or support for best friend breakups. Stories w/ two POV's....

Jul 1, 2020

Join Molly Sanchez & Rebecca revisit a book that scared Molly so much as a child she thought about it once a month for the rest of her life, Sweet Valley High Book 13. Intrigue, rich people, kidnapping, classism, sexual innuendos between siblings, leukemia, this book has it all! Also, death books for kids, you either...

Jul 11, 2019

Comedian Maggie Maye comes by to discuss the podcast's first YA Novel. Serial killers, dick pics, ecstasy, death, plans to handle their dog's deaths, being a certain type of hot, how to get out of the trunk of a car, how to break zip ties, laughing too loud. Rebecca had coffee and talks too much again.